Romance Books You NEED On Your Kindle

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Romance Books You NEED On Your Kindle

My reading life has improved drastically ever since I’ve gotten an Audible Escape (if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can get Audible Escape at a discount of $6.95 a month), and Kindle Unlimited membership.

Now I don’t have an excuse to stay stuck in my reading slumps, and can listen to an audio book whenever I’m doing something like cleaning or exercising. Always being able to find a new book in a flash makes it much easier to meet your Goodreads reading challenges!

Without further ado, here are some Romance Books You NEED On Your Kindle. Oh, and if you have Kindle Unlimited, ALL of these books will be FREE on there.

Yes please!!

Romance Books You NEED On Your Kindle

Romance Books You NEED On Your Kindle

A Nordic King by Karina Halle

When Aurora applies for a new nanny job, she didn’t expect to work for a royal family. After arriving, she finds that she’ll be watching two princesses, and that their father is the king of Denmark. Aurora learns that he wants nothing to do with her, but as time goes on, the two start to develop a dangerous chemistry that threatens to tear them both apart.

In the Unlikely Event by L.J. Shen

Mal and Rory, had a one night stand nearly 10 years ago, and fell deeply in love. Being young and in love, they made a napkin contract that stated if they ran into each other again, they’d have to get married no matter what. 8 years later, Rory runs into Mal. But things don’t unfold in the way they’d expected.

Unbreakable by Melanie Harlow

Sylvia’s husband has just left her for a pregnant woman 15 years younger, and she’s melting down. Heading back to her childhood stomping grounds at Cloverleigh Farms, she meets a recently divorced man named Henry. Their relationship goes forward way too fast, and soon the both of them have to pick up the pieces before they fall apart.

More Romance Books for Your Kindle Library

Eirik: A Time Travel Romance by Joanna Bell

Deciding to time travel one last time as an adult, Paige finds the beloved village she loved visiting as a child, under attack by a rival clan. Catching the eye of their violent leader, Paige finds herself held captive the entire winter. Her captor, is determined to break Paige down and make her return his brutal affections.

That Month in Tuscany by Inglath Cooper

Ren Sawyer is a rock star, and Lizzy Harper has been stood up by her husband. On a lone flight to Italy, Lizzy has way too much alcohol and literally falls into Ren’s lap thanks to some unexpected turbulence. Because they’re both lonely, the two decide to meet up and explore the streets of Italy together.

The Dare by Lauren Landish

Elle has the worst luck ever. Being dared to do something crazy by her best friend at work, Elle gets caught photocopying her backside in her boss’ office. A true adrenaline junkie at heart, Elle is determined to make him fall in love with her, preferably before he decides to fire her.

More Romance Kindle Books

Wild Card by Karina Halle 

Shane and Rachel used to date for years when they were kids, until Shane shattered Rachel’s heart. Now six years later, Rachel is back in town. Her unannounced appearance stirs old feelings in both of their broken hearts, and they find themselves back where they started.

Small Town Rumors by Carolyn Brown

Jennie is a formerly privileged beauty queen who ruined her life in New York, and has to come back home to Bloom, Texas. Rumors swirl all around her, and old rivalries come back to life. According to the town’s gossip, Jennie is working as a housekeeper, and totally has a crush on Rick Lawson. But are the rumors true?

Addictive Romance Books

The Kiss Thief by L.J. Shen

Francesca’s first kiss was stolen by the devil. And her wedding vows were broken before she even left the church. Now her heart is split between the two men who want her desperately. Although she was promised to Angelo Bandini, a man named Senator Wolfe Keaton threatens Francesca’s father, and forces her into an unwilling marriage.

Dear Ava by ILsa Madden-Mills

Wealthy and popular, the Sharks had everyone at Camden Prep wrapped around their fingers. Ava wanted to be just like them, until they broke her. After being receiving an anonymous love letter from one of the Sharks, Ava wants to find out which boy sent it. But right now, the only thing Ava knows, is that her secret admirer wants to make her his.

Bound to the Battle God by Ruby Dixon

Faith does investigating after hearing a strange sound in her neighbors apartment. But to her surprise, she falls into the portal of another world. There she meets the cocky Lord of Storms, and the delusional man believes that she’s destined to assist him on a life threatening journey.

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Romance Books You NEED On Your Kindle

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